We have all been there –  at that light, at that cross, on that corner.
It doesn’t matter what the sign says. Suddenly, the dashboard & glass needs dusting. Music stations need changing. Face needs liking. Anything to make eye contact with the person behind it.
It is uncomfortable and sometimes, it’s just easier to look away and pretend we can’t see.
Why do we so willing do and avoid the opportunities God puts right in front of us?
Because we don’t know what to do.
Because some problems aren’t ours to fix.
Because there’s a big difference between here and there
Or because it’s just too hard.
Whether it is thousand miles away or right there on the corner, the roots are same.
It is not the lack of resources. It’s just a lack. The lack of hope. Future. Belief. Dignity and Regardless of why it’s there or who is to blame. It makes people feel invisible. Especially when one wants to look you in the eye.
It makes us feel hopeful.
It makes us feel worthy.
It makes us to believe.
In moments like these – when we’re tempted ; we have a choice to make. We can turn our heads up and keep walking towards our invisibility , or we can choose to stop and see our invisibility. In fact both are same.
It’s true. Behind every set of eyes is a person created in the image.
They are touchable, physical expressions of concern that give us the chance to put a small crack in the wall between invisible and visible. When we remember the person behind that set of eyes, these aren’t just actions.
That’s what concern is, isn’t it? Noticing what others ignore. Being moved to action of caring, for completion of the most important thing.
But the people who feel it; mostly deserve to be seen. So let’s put down our phones. Let’s look people in the eye. Let’s have the courage to admit the existence of truthfulness, recognize the importance  and quality of the person behind the sign.

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