What is the difference?                     Why is it important?

  1. Purpose of contacting a Person

Networking is not simply finding people and connecting; it’s building a strong network, helpful for your aims. Identify a list of people you would like to contact, what you hope to gain from reaching out to them. It’s good to prepare a profile before that will help you express. If contact doesn’t fit in your needs but still he or she is a valuable resource to reach out to, let them know what you’re looking for, and then ask if he or she knows anyone that can help you with the same. With everyone you contact, it’s always necessary to ask if they know any job openings- that would help your network again.

  1. Express a compelling impression

As you contact the person for a purpose, it is important to think what you are going to say before. What do you want in return from them? This element of knowing about the person or organization is very mandatory.  The best way to accomplish your purpose is to express your demand precisely with full details. While you may be tempted to be casual with the person but they will appreciate your preparation, focus, and convincing communication if it is precise in order to save time. As you communicate your demands clearly, your contacts will be better able to connect you with their key referrals. It is important to know exactly what you want, because you will be asked very directly by powerful potential individuals and you will need to give a clear answer.

  1. Acquire knowledge from every contact

Every individual has knowledge and learning from their professional as well as personal experiences. Use it as an opportunity to find out how you can meet the needs. You may even learn the simple things. Each and every interaction you have should help you discover new opportunities. Get referrals from every contact.

  1. Get referrals from every contact

Strive to get new referrals during each networking conversation; this will ensure that you make your network as broad as possible. This helps you to grow on higher pace, a good network is created, and networking succeeds, by the application of hard work. A network without the work produces nothing worthwhile. Networkers want to work with people who aim high, who have great ambitions; people who see what can be future, not merely what is present; and who is passionate for change and improvement.

  1. Communicate with every new referral you receive

You never know what another person has to offer until you ask them. Even people who might not have an obvious connection to you, could be important links to you, sometimes. It’s also good to remember that it can leave a negative impression if you do not contact a referral from someone in your network. Not only will the person who referred you be hesitant to give you referrals again, but the referral may also be less likely to help if you reach out to him or her in the future.

  1. Express your views to every person you contact

Gratitude is a powerful virtue. Certainly, the kindness shown by you are worth expressing. Sending a note, email, or text to your networking contacts thanking them for their time, attention, input, and referrals creates goodwill and leaves them with a positive impression of you. It is also an opportunity to further express your skills and interest with the contact.

  1. Get in touch with every activity happening in your network

As you network, you will gain a lot of information and new relationships, and these will spur a lot of additional follow-up activities, these attitudes make things happen. When you meet like-minded people with these attitudes, your network will grow because they’ll see you can make things happen too. Take care of these activities well so that you don’t let any opportunities fall. Being effective and efficient will leave you more energy for you and your contacts. At last they will appreciate it as you respond and communicate in a timely manner.

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