How simple words can change your mind??

When the world around you is crashing down, lost your way and can’t get back on path. At that moment, life has absolutely no direction and nothing to do. There’s a stronger feeling that you can’t move. No longer helping you fly in the desired direction. Just like that, I have fallen out of sky. I dint know what to do. Every day, every morning  and every decision was a struggle. I was helpless and was not able to choose between right and wrong. My internal circuit and functioning due to my circumstances was totally off. It was dragging me to worse and unknowingly I allowed it to do.

I had several questions……

What is going on??

How to take charge?

How to control ?

I couldn’t figure out any, as if I was under a storm. As time went on….!! I could see some kind of light.


To tell you the truth, I’m glad I lost my way. Now I learned that I am being better enough to handle which comes my way. It is difficult to deal with no vision, it is different to deal when it progresses.

Just when you adjust by doing things differently, your way of life continues to change. Instead of dealing, I used to adapt resource, which made my pressure to recover. Of course you have to make changes in your life.

What’s different from before ??


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