Falling in love is sum of important objects, because no one rises in adoration or climbs in feeling. You fall in love, because something of you has been taken off. If not the intact of you, at least a branch of you should disintegrate. Only then there is a fond of situation. You are willing to destroy a bit of yourself for the sake of the other. It becomes so important to you, that it becomes far more important than you.

Unfortunately, most people call “love” is just a two party benefit scheme.

If you can look at everything affectionately, the whole world becomes beautiful in your experience. You realize love is not something that you do; love is the way you are.

Generally, we have made relationships within frameworks that are comfortable and lucrative for us. People have physical, psychological, emotional, financial or social needs. One of the best ways to fulfill these needs is to tell people, “I love you.” This so-called “worship” which has become like a mantra. You try to get what you want by expressing it.

Every stroke that we do is in some way to fulfill definite needs. If you see this, there is a risk that you can grow into love as a natural quality. But people go on deceiving themselves into believing that the relationships they have made is actually relationship of love. I am not saying there is no experience of love at all in relationships, but it is within undeniable precincts. It does not matter how much “I love you” has been said, if a few expectations and requisites are not fulfilled, things will fall apart.

When you talk about love, it has to be whole. There is really no such thing as incomplete love. It is just that there are situations and there it is. The moment there is a state, it just amounts to be compact. Maybe a suitable sphere, maybe a good arrangement, maybe person made excellent arrangements in life, but that will not fulfil you; that will not transport you to another dimension. It is just fitting.

When you say “love,” it need not necessarily be handy; most of the time it is. It takes life. Love is not a great thing to do. If you have to be in love, you should be. You as a person must be willing to fall, only then it can happen. If your personality is kept strong in the process, it is just a appropriate situation, that’s all. We need to recognize what is a false and what is truly a love affair. A love affair need not be with any person; not with anybody in particular, you could be having a great love affair with life.

What you do, what you do not do, is according to state of affairs around you. Our actions are as the external situation demands. What you do outside of yourself is always branch to many conditions. But love is an inner state – how you are within yourself can definitely be unrestricted.

It is very natural to love. Every human being is capable of love but unfortunately, many have crippled themselves with all kinds of belief systems, opinions, philosophies and ideologies; everything except life. But in life you need to have theme of interest which matter to individual and specialty of that life would be enjoyed to the core.

Love is heavenly introduction but it is a very simple process.

Love is not something to do with someone else. Love is never between two people. It is what happens within you, and what happens within; need not be confined to someone else. If you can look at everything lovingly, the whole world becomes beautiful in your experience. You realize love is not something that you do; love is the way you are. Human beings are dazzling of love when they are keen.

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