People say things and make promises but couldn’t keep their promises on a daily basis. You can tell, but until your behavior coincides with that, the other person will probably not believe you. Some feelings cannot be expressed in mere words; they require actions to speak for them. Words are cheapest, anyone can tell but they will not feel the immensity of these emotions until they are acted upon.

Here is a small story to illustrate:

Sushi is a youth, kind and compassionate and goes to office everyday at noon. She has developed and always followed that one must always lend a helping hand to those in trouble.

One Sunday -noontime, as she was on her way to shopping with her friend, at a bustling road junction, a blind woman was waiting to cross the busy road. There were lots of vehicles on the road. She heard a lot of sounds, so she knew there was a heavy traffic. She had no choice, but to wait. Sushi saw a blind woman trying to cross the road in the midst of busy traffic. There was no one to help her and he was in danger of getting hurt by the speeding vehicles. Sushi, who saw this, ran across to the blind woman, took hold of her and told her to walk along with her. She waved her hand at all the vehicles, signalling them to stop.

All the vehicles stopped and gave way for them to get across. The drivers were touched by the helping move of Sushi, who did this small help. As both were heading towards station, she took her along till station, talking to her. Sushi got to know, that her name is Nikita, who is a teacher by profession and teaches English & Mathematics subject. The blind woman thanked Sushi profusely and wished her good luck. Sushi’s gesture towards the blind woman Nikita, clearly showed her good intention to help others who were in need.

Sushi was very pleased that she could at least do this small help for a blind person.

Sushi after leaving her in station, started thinking in middle of her travel, Nikita would be so helpless and dependent on other people. She couldn’t imagine Nikita going home like that every day: walking a block, then waiting for someone to help you get across the street, then walking another block, and waiting, relying on the kindness of strangers? After this incident, Sushi has realized how blessed she was. She started cherishing every day and to do her best to help the people who need help from her life.

“Situation is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day.”

The way people conduct themselves in different situations is a greater determinant of behavior and character. Sushi’s humanitarian gesture is commendable. Hope to get more followers.

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