This story is about long drive– road trip.

We used to travel to Pondicherry, for a long trip; 170 Kms from Chennai. There are two routes ECR and OMR but the road from Chennai to Pondicherry (the East Coast Road, commonly called ECR) is a scenic highway and a normal journey would take about 3 hours. Starting from Chennai you should always opt for ECR road, which crosses Mahabalipuram, which gives the beautiful nature scenario. We go by red colour TATA Sumo, owned by friend. Mostly there would be couples. But luckily or unluckily I dint have any pair. Vehicle would be full & very importantly with snacks & drinks – I mean water (H2o). As we get those drinks cheaper in Pondy comparatively to Chennai. But as usual I have to drive, so eventually I don’t drink.

Out of all possible trips – the best trip is by car. Sit inside it, buckle up, look at your friends sitting, music on; windows down and…go! And then begins the most breathtaking part of the road trip. It is not the place you are heading to – it is what you see from the opened window of the car. The best part is when you leave before the twilight. The DUSK! I really like to meet the early evening flashes of the day. Long before the dusk, when you look in the direction of the sunset you see how the sun informs the world about its departure. It paints the sky with its beams and the blooming sun come into the view.

We start with rock songs as it’s the start, soon reaching the city outer, I love to meet the sun and the moon both, while driving out for Pondicherry road trip in a car. I am amazed by its game; twilight flashing and the moon shinning. First, you notice a red stripe on the horizon. Then, the stripe becomes orange, pink and eventually the sun fills everything around. And it always happens to be a wonderful and beautiful scenario, which grows and a light gaze over the nature which gives waking up to the moon to experience but this all happens relatively very slow due to traffic and to enjoy the drive. I love driving in such scenario with favourite playlist. Usually starting at approximately 5.30-6Pm, you get to see this entire scenario.

In my opinion, it is the most beautiful time. Because when you are sitting in a car on your way for road trip, you open the car windows and can actually feel that the cool breeze and get ready for a new life. The dusk is so fresh.

On the way you get the delightful Dravidian architecture, Shore Temple on the hillock of the town Mahabalipuram, After we reach there are only two things open- one is beach another is hotels & motels, so we first visit to Church, then to Auro Beach or Paradise Beach.

The beauty that you observe during a car road trip refreshed you, purify you soul and you mind! As the moon reaches its peak and the wind becomes colder than ever. Breeze touching your body; try to embrace it by going to the beach. Watching the waves, sparkling stars, passionate moon makes me remember the energy changes in a big way.

Sooner all the couples will take their own path and will start around with their pairs as if they are here to enjoy their moons. But unfortunately when the body is in exalted state, you can’t predict, anything can happen. I use to sit on the beach sand with headphones plucked in, listening to music & sighting. But, you can’t sit alone in the beach for long time coz you really get tempted on having a relationship or a pair at least. So better I go back to car, lock up the doors and go to sleep. That’s the best option to turn up. But will my friends leave me to rest?? Obviously it’s a big NO! Each of them will come at different timings and ask bro I want my shoes, I want my wallet, etc etc. This disturbance is bearable, eventually after sometime my maharani friends will come and say get out of the car we want to change. Tragedy situation to get up in half sleep, but do I have an option? Again ” No”. They will take almost one hour to complete. Their changing, Kajol, lipstick, etc etc etc make up. Coz next comes the photo session; you can wonder how photo session in mid night, but that is specialty of the city.

Few things are unsaid in between timings about Pondicherry. We start our return by 3Am or so to reach Chennai by 6AM-7AM. On the way we used to get chetta’s; tea with bread omelette.


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