There is nothing like kind eyes those eyes you can look into and see they are connected to a caring heart.
I always notice they look just a bit tired from the wear and tear of life and heart break,
Behind it is a little glimmer of hope a light
It’s unmistakable.. I search for them I don’t know when I will find the ones that will lead me to where I will be loved..


If you are wondering how people feel, you can look into their eyes.
Being intimate with another human being involves looking into their eyes.
Evil and the presence of God can be found in the eyes of another.
I have always looked everyone I meet straight into the eyes.
I have also seen the glow & pale in eyes, which turns me on & off……
I can’t get enough of people’s eyes, as well as my own….it’s like looking into a whole another world.

The eyes can give us more than 55% of thoughts and emotions, that we can recognize truth and lie in them, somebody’s intention, wish, fear & self-confidence…!


Eyes can reveal even smallest changes on the body and in the attitude of other people.
Given the fact that most people is not aware of this, skillful participant can easily get a hint on what is happening.
We cannot literary read other people’s minds in their eyes, but we can see the hints about the feelings of the person we are in contact with.
These small signs change from moment to moment, and anyone can be aware of them if he or she pays attention to it.


Eye signals can also reveal what is the person thinking about. As for the look,
some of the basic rules say that if we during a conversation look up and right,
we are most probably thinking about future. If our look goes to the side,
it is possible that we are trying to think of an answer, or to try to remember an event from the past.
When we think about what happened yesterday or some time earlier, our eyes are looking up left.
On the other hand, looking down is connected to shyness or avoiding conversation.
But if the look is lowered down and to the right, it means we are thinking about what we are going to say,
while looking down left indicates recalling about our own feelings.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

There are many things we can read from the eyes. !! OBSERVE !!

Only in the eyes; you can find infinity !



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