Firstly, who are the less fortunate? The less fortunate are those who do not have the ability to feed themselves. e.g, the handicapped and disabled. Society is made up of a group of human beings living together. Human are social creatures and we cannot live as individuals. We ought to care for one another in that sense.

We should ask ourselves if we would want to be helped if we were one of the less fortunate people. The answer is “YES”. It is our duty to help the less fortunate around us. It is matter of justice and fairness to them. People with disabilities confront many challenges derived from both internal and external factors.

disabilityBy extending a helping hand to those people, they will be happy and be grateful. At the same time the helpers heart is warmed and thus person will feel happy too.People with disabilities needs, differ from other people’s needs. Their needs also depend on the type and degree of disability.

The less fortunate are people just like us, they have the rights to enjoy life as well, and why should they suffer. And since, we have the ability to help others, why not do so? This will also make the person virtuous. It doesn’t take much to help them. This has caused people with disabilities to be the objects of unkind and has led to them being either ignored or treated as inferior. Also since we had got so much from society throughout life, we should give back to the society if we have the ability to do so..

What will happen if we give the help to less fortunate ?



Most will make good use of the help, to get themselves up and if possible will try to achieve. That will make the help much more meaningful. It states that if PWDs are called as if they are inferior or second-class citizens, they are likely to have negative ideas and which forces them to view themselves as inferior. In conclusion I think that society should help the less fortunate, because we should help one another and make our lives in this world much more meaningful.

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