Live for this moment

Life has this habit of giving us what we may dislike. It also has a habit of giving us what we love. As humans we find it hard to appreciate what we have because what we have isn’t sometimes what we want. We want more. We push away things that are closest to us because it is easier to run than to stay with something that could possibly one day destroy us.

We cannot stand in the thought of pain but we live through it anyway. We are taught that life isn’t always going to be kind. It will test you and it will force you to think way beyond your thoughts. We are constantly fighting with ourselves, we are learning7fd66e92e0be28b8e48ea36abdc65c0d1 how to love ourselves. I have many questions, some answers I’ll never know.

We are given this life to live it. And so live it in the best way you possibly can. If that means staying silent when all you want is to do many activities. God sees everything, he sees what is to come. Believe, it will get better and I promise you, it will.

I’ve realized that I have to be proactive and stop being lazy. Changes have to be made starting with me. I have to let go of the memories because I have to let go time ago. My soul needs a spring clean and now is the best time to do it. Removing all the things that bring bad thoughts and feeling for good. Spending more time with family and thanking god for what I’ve been blessed with. Taking care of me and in turn taking care of the ones I love. The possibilities are endless. I could walk in rains and smile at the clouds. I could be happy.

Your actions do not define who you are nor do your decisions. It is moments that shape you mentally and emotionally into the person you becomes. All it takes is a moment. Fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, trust, expectation, surprise. All we feel, comes in a moment and leaves in a moment.




So love this moment and live for this moment.



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