Let’s be real!

We are a speedy generation, living in a fast paced world. We drink our express coffee and eat our instant oats while we shout at the traffic lights because it takes longer than 60 seconds to change.

The nature in all humans is to acquire things quickly without the growth and development necessary to access what is rightfully in theirs. This is not the nature of Life; everything done by Life is done via a process.

You will gain perception into how life operates us through the actions, situations, and crises we encounter in life’s journey.

Situations plays an important role in our life, you never how when what changes & you definitely have to deal with it being the strong player! Just thinking is not enough, the execution process is absolutely very much required so as to overcome. The plan and step by step execution with keeping mind and soul to be calm deals with such problematic situation. Giving up or getting influenced by situation will make you fail, try avoiding it.

Well, the fact is that Life gives us a complete set of problems to deal with, not because it doesn’t like us but because it wants us to grow and be responsible in its way.
I am sure everyone can show the clear evidence of growing up and encounter some kind of situation which you felt was extremely difficult.

We shouldn’t shout, cry, blame family members or curse; just quietly let it pass, or try to understand why Life allowed such to happen?
You may have noticed our premise that you believe that there is a life.

In life we’re bound to travel through a number of difficult situations however it is our response in dealing with these situations that can determine how our future is shaped. Often times we go through difficult situations without knowing how to start dealing with them. Well, it is important to have strategies to implement when dealing with these circumstances. When confronted with a difficult situation had a strategy for escape; so too are we to implement strategies to avoid feeling lost when these circumstances occur.

I’m sure everyone can relate to this. In fact, even When I felt like this, but it was part of their processing. Life intentionally designed the processes in this manner so that we could build the right internal posture in them. Remember life is always perfect when it comes to timing. lt is not random or arbitrary, nor is wicked. Life knows the exact beginning and end of our lives.

In the midst of your circumstances, Life is building its nature on the inside of you; it is calling you to a higher standard, a more developed or spiritually matured version of yourself.
The satisfaction after dealing such problems gives immense pleasure and fulfilment.

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