Yesterday I met my cousin in mid-afternoon until early evening who is employed in UAE and had come to India former 35-40 days. Nevertheless, we couldn’t make it up as he was occupied with his schedule & his commitments. Ultimately the meet was done yesterday with him.

We even handed started, but he possessed the plan and wanted to buy an SUV in the near future, Maruti Vitara Breezer in his mind. We headed to the showroom to know details about the car. The sales executive demonstrated everything in ease and organized for a test drive. The elegant design of the Vehicle with unimpeachable ground clearance, wide tyres, comfortable seats, and an adequate amount of space, leg room totally impressed us by the specifications, performance and utilities that works on a touch of a button. We got a rough estimation of 9 lakhs on road price. We were taken aback. But the car is worth the money. “We shall discuss with the family members and get back in a couple of days”, added cousin to the sales executive.

Later, we proceeded to a garden nearby the locality, with a couple of chips pack. Finally, we settled in a good ambience and started talking to each other. My cousin gave me a good news of securing a job and obtaining promotion in one of the top- notches and a dream company of every Electronic Engineer- SIEMENS, UAE. I congratulated him for his success and fortunately a tea seller came and offered us a couple of tea. It was very much overwhelming for a fresher like me to meet a person like my cousin, who has outstretched the pinnacle and still trying tough hard to reach the apex in the industry with several different types of knowledge to accomplish his dream. I asked about his success mantra as every person tends to ask this question to a successful person. Well he said, “I’m a street smart and I effort hard with smart techniques. I referred to every person of the generation is ready to do and still continually doing things in a similar kind”. One of the chips packet got over. I believe there must be some extra step which he might be doing, when he arrived at an answer again revealing, “it might be because of LUCK I believe”. Perhaps the luck factor plays an important role in one’s life and changes life drastically from one side to the other side. He put in the unknown information of his experience concerning the years in industry. He said “the first job is never a small job, every small step will take us higher and make us reach our goals. The salary was just ₹8k for a year duration, gradually increasing with period but the grit and patience in me has made me reach the dream”. Every job which he did, he used to do only those things which he knows. He enumerated, “if you don’t know just pull your hands off and learn the same from the senior or the equipped person. That’s makes you learn and maintain your confidence of saying NO to someone superior”.


I being very curious to sense his mantra, I furthermore started grilling him, “what are things which you follow in day- to- day life?” The response flowed at a tremendous speed- “saying helping people, maintaining relationships, saying NO to particular things which cannot and shouldn’t be done and most importantly, maintaining the name in the industry and organization by hook or crook”. He phrased; recently when he was traveling in train from his native to Mumbai he saw a needy family and helped them with a big green note of ₹500. The fellow passenger got angry with this gesture and said why you did this. He said “I heard their conversation saying they are short of money to reach the destination. They might be either fooling me or will make the use of money in proper form. Whatever it is; the almighty will definitely bless me”. He has fear towards God & believes in God but he beautifully quoted, “always make God happy by helping the needy, offer food & cloth to poor and different styles of helping according to one’s capacity. Never do wrong to anyone is my basic undertaking”. Currently, the second chips packet also got over. We advanced to a roadside Chinese outlet where we sat on a chair and had a cup of soup and a plate of French fries.

Flow still continued as the rate of interest increased mutually. I said, “I don’t believe in luck and neither have you reached because of luck”. Bhai says, “Update yourself with updated version of technology which you are looking at or in the field you are & start doing things differently in a manner that has to be accelerated and will definitely never fail. Working hard is very important but with simple smart techniques will make you grow higher. In this generation each and every one is smart so don’t get over smart with any person or things that you’re dealing with”. He said never to give up with things in life. A friend of his attempted for suicide due to backlogs in engineering. Another friend of his is the topper of the batch yet still struggling to get a job so he did MBA and still remains at the same place finding a job. Brother, being last in every exam, finishing the course of engineering in 5 years and bagging a second class degree still had reached the dream company is stupendous and appreciable. Planning & dreaming is important moreover working hard & maintaining patience in every position is most important.

We were done with the spicy Soup and fries. We took an ice cream from adjacent shop & started walking towards home. He is not only an Engineer yet an emerging entrepreneur working with his colleagues from diverse parts of the world working concerning the betterment. We discussed handful of his long-term goals that have to be kept confidential on his request. He encouraged me to take desired steps and watch it happening.

Finally, he said “don’t follow anything of my stupid sayings, never desire to grace like me and don’t worry about anything in life everything shall come on time to everyone”, shows his simplicity. We reached home drank few glass of water, spent 10 minutes with family and he left for his next commitment. Somewhere someone was waiting I wonder who was someone but none of my lookout.

Success is like our own shadow , Don’t try to catch it;

 Walk your own way & it follows you….

Keep in mind,  your shadows follow you only when you walk towards light..!

The motto behind asking and writing this was not to hurt or compare anyone. We all are unique I agree. Just taking few tips was the motivation behind. In spite of being a slow learner, working hard in all situations and stages, handling pressures; generally every successful person would have answered that my wife is my backbone or my degree is my backbone or some XYZ is my backbone due to which I have accomplished. Perhaps having neither of above, still accomplishing is what makes him stand out of box and making us think and inspiring.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you are also ready to accomplish your dreams in your unique style. Awaiting to hear from you getting successful.

11 thoughts on “The bliss followed by brother !

  1. Amazing, inspiringly depicted Danesh. Good going keep it up… 😃 and whatever was said is absolutely true if one wants to achieve success in life…


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