Our company is a Training & Development firm specializing in the field of Soft Skill & management development program. We aim at providing highly customized solutions focusing on enabling individual and organizations transform themselves by unleashing their true potential.

Our mission at CONNECTUP MANAGEMENT is to provide quality training and a friendly learning environment. We focus on empowering individuals by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to help reach their goals. With our uniquely practical and straightforward approach, participants can begin applying their new skills after just one session.

2.   Importance of Soft Skill & Management development Training:

To make a mark, the candidate needs to package himself/herself so that s/he is able to market his/her knowledge and talent correctly to the person sitting across the table. These are called “Soft Skills”. The base of this training program rests on the strong belief that the Competitive world of today gives no levy and follows: “Survival of the Fittest”.

Technical skills may get your foot in the door, but your soft skills are what opens most of the doors to come. Your work ethic, your attitude, your communication skills, your emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes are the soft skills that are crucial for career success.

With these soft skills you can excel as a leader. Problem solving, delegating, and team building are all much easier if you have good soft skills. Knowing how to get along with people – and displaying a positive attitude – are crucial for success.

3.   What are employers looking for:

Selecting a candidate for a job is a difficult decision. Nowadays, employers are looking for some basic soft skills that goes beyond academic education. They may not be directly related to the position offered, but they usually have an impact on the productivity of employees and the quality of their work.

However, soft skills are the keystones to success. You might be surprised at how
managers and CEO’s consider soft-skills as necessary to making a critical
difference in a company’s success. They contribute to leading people in an effective
manner. The term “people” includes yourself as well as your teams. Leadership involves
managing conflicts, interviewing and selecting prospective team members, delegating
responsibility and authority, coaching, networking, and developing others. As a leader
you must also manage activities like production quality, workplace safety, customer care,
and fund raising. A leader is also responsible for managing resources like people and
finances and information in the form of decision-making, problem solving, meeting
management, and persuasion. Many of these require presentation skills. In other words,
good leadership presupposes refined ‘soft skills.’

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