My first step towards making a change.

Hello folks,
Despite having good support and resources, I often find myself struggling due to my impairments. Being all-time motivated is also tough. While overcoming insecurities is a battle in itself, we find it challenging to be competitive in valuable opportunities of education, employment, quality assistive devices, etc. The gravity of the situation deepens when the financially underprivileged individuals suffer from multiple and/or severe disability.
Although the government is putting in efforts to provide equal opportunities, India has a long way to go to sensitise the masses, eliminate stigma and provide adequate monetary assistance and opportunities for the disabled.
I have identified such individuals who are in dire need of help from that better off community and decided to collaborate with an NGO to provide an amount of ₹1000/ person every month. This will help to enhance and empower their lives. This donation will be 80G Tax exempted. I seek your utmost support and goodwill for 437C94E300000578-4816156-image-a-21_1503490601900.jpg

With sincere gratitude;
Danesh Kanagaraj

P.S- As of now, I’ve initiated for 2 beneficiary perhaps list of 50 beneficiaries is ready across India with severe disabilities and are awaiting to receive support. Anybody willing to donate kindly contact above details.

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