Milestone event…

Believe in yourself

We have been heeding to this statement invariably perhaps I have been following it ardently over a decade now. My entrepreneurial journey and experience of 7 years and counting has had been interesting, challenging, learning, rewarding and in the undertaking I have been extremely optimistic in handling either success or failure.
This journey has been a long term investment as well as commitment for me which has given several opportunities to work with corporations like Google, Dell, Samsung, Amaron, Mahindra, Infysec, Channelplay and few other budding brands.
The journey has been extremely challenging beyond adversities yet that has made me robust and enlightened with priceless lessons and experiences from clients with whom I have worked with. Every accomplishment demanded certain kind of planning, execution and most significantly the optimistic and lateral mindset.
This altogether opened a new dimension of public speaking, which altogether I knew nothing about perhaps had a magnificent and spectacular launch on global TEDx platform and consistently delivered 4 TEDx talks and several other talks tooo…
I recently turned 25 and one of my friend was unhappy as I did not celebrate as it had to be. Tomorrow (14/06/18) I’m going to celebrate it joyfully.  To an entrepreneur or atleast to myself, celebration in one kind is when I meet someone much much experienced and knowledgeable person in every aspect than me, where I get to learn the nuances of their life.
Tomorrow 14/06/2018, am going to celebrate my silver jubilee, as I’m invited as speaker to an HR conclave, theme is BELIEVE in YOURSELF.
Noteworthy about this event is, starting from organising team, host, panellists to speakers, everyone is from the top management like VP, Presidents, CHRO’s and MD of globe’s largest firms. Even attendees would be middle management business leaders or senior management officials.
With no expectations as usual, am going to be receptive and will imbibe the priceless insights shared from morning 9am to evening 9 pm. Also looking to interact and network in all possible ways.
I must thank Harlina ma’am for the opportunity and a silver jubilee birthday gift. I’m thankful and honoured to be participating in the conclave as the youngest speaker where i shall be sharing insights from my limited experience. This event would be remarkable and milestone in my journey.
Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears.

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