Every art deserves love

  This art was kept deep within the folders of mobile assuming it's not worth sharing or showing to someone. I saw this art the other day from 10 ft distance and it immediately struck the thoughtfulness within the art. I percieved the image as per my artistic understanding and wisdom. Beautiful widespread foundation with … Continue reading Every art deserves love

WHEN I is grateful to YOU..!

  This letter is from I to YOU! The YOU who is incredible. The YOU that makes worl This letter is from I to YOU! The YOU who is incredible. The YOU that makes world little bit more aesthetic. The YOU who has been a great amount of support and contributing immensely to the today's … Continue reading WHEN I is grateful to YOU..!

Milestone event…

Believe in yourself We have been heeding to this statement invariably perhaps I have been following it ardently over a decade now. My entrepreneurial journey and experience of 7 years and counting has had been interesting, challenging, learning, rewarding and in the undertaking I have been extremely optimistic in handling either success or failure. This journey … Continue reading Milestone event…

My first step towards making a change.

Hello folks, Despite having good support and resources, I often find myself struggling due to my impairments. Being all-time motivated is also tough. While overcoming insecurities is a battle in itself, we find it challenging to be competitive in valuable opportunities of education, employment, quality assistive devices, etc. The gravity of the situation deepens when … Continue reading My first step towards making a change.


1.   About CONNECTUP MANAGEMENT: Our company is a Training & Development firm specializing in the field of Soft Skill & management development program. We aim at providing highly customized solutions focusing on enabling individual and organizations transform themselves by unleashing their true potential. Our mission at CONNECTUP MANAGEMENT is to provide quality training and a … Continue reading CONNECTUP MANAGEMENT

Seasons of refining

Seasons of refining Being well-known about my disability, nowadays getting, even more, worse and tougher for mobility. As the entire life chain of this sophisticated system functions on mobility, thereby my cycle comes to an end. When there is a lack primarily, what else to think on? This lack is tremendously foiling and thereby cold … Continue reading Seasons of refining

Magnitude of Jallikattu

What is Jallikattu? Jallikattu, in the lucid term is a traditional sport organized as segment of Mattu Pongal, the third day of the four-day-long festival Pongal. The Tamil word 'mattu' means bull, and is dedicated to cattle, a key partner in the operation of farming. It is an ancient 'sport', believed to have been practiced … Continue reading Magnitude of Jallikattu

Living with Muscular Dystrophy

Living with muscular dystrophy I have Muscular Dystrophy and was diagnosed at age 16, currently I'm 23. Despite this, I have gone on to do all the things. I share this, not to brag but to extend the exact knowledge about the subject. Muscular dystrophy (MD) is a disorder that gradually weakens the body's muscles. … Continue reading Living with Muscular Dystrophy

Eyes 👀 of twilight! ☔️️

Eyes of twilight! ️️ It’s funny   that’s what it is. Funny that a young man thinking about prospects almost in midnight . And it’s funny how a random action can trigger a random, totally un-syncing memory. It always lodged in my brain! Well, we’ll never find out, because it's amalgam of gesture. I met … Continue reading Eyes 👀 of twilight! ☔️️

The bliss followed by brother !

" FOLLOW YOUR BLISS " Yesterday I met my cousin in mid-afternoon until early evening who is employed in UAE and had come to India former 35-40 days. Nevertheless, we couldn't make it up as he was occupied with his schedule & his commitments. Ultimately the meet was done yesterday with him. We even handed started, but he … Continue reading The bliss followed by brother !