Seasons of refining

Seasons of refining Being well-known about my disability, nowadays getting, even more, worse and tougher for mobility. As the entire life chain of this sophisticated system functions on mobility, thereby my cycle comes to an end. When there is a lack primarily, what else to think on? This lack is tremendously foiling and thereby cold … Continue reading Seasons of refining

An hour spent in bank with Uncle

I had spent an hour in the bank with Uncle, as he had to transfer some money. In a small State Bank of India branch in a sleepy area of a small town. I couldn't resist the urge. ''Uncle, why don't we activate your internet banking?'' ''Why would I do that?'' He asked ''Well, then … Continue reading An hour spent in bank with Uncle

How change brings CHANGE

How simple words can change your mind?? When the world around you is crashing down, lost your way and can't get back on path. At that moment, life has absolutely no direction and nothing to do. There's a stronger feeling that you can't move. No longer helping you fly in the desired direction. Just like … Continue reading How change brings CHANGE


                           NETWORK !! Dont BEGG What is the difference?                     Why is it important? Purpose of contacting a Person Networking is not simply finding people and connecting; it's building a strong network, helpful for your aims. Identify a list of people you would … Continue reading NETWORK !! Dont BEGG