Every art deserves love

  This art was kept deep within the folders of mobile assuming it's not worth sharing or showing to someone. I saw this art the other day from 10 ft distance and it immediately struck the thoughtfulness within the art. I percieved the image as per my artistic understanding and wisdom. Beautiful widespread foundation with … Continue reading Every art deserves love

Milestone event…

Believe in yourself We have been heeding to this statement invariably perhaps I have been following it ardently over a decade now. My entrepreneurial journey and experience of 7 years and counting has had been interesting, challenging, learning, rewarding and in the undertaking I have been extremely optimistic in handling either success or failure. This journey … Continue reading Milestone event…

The bliss followed by brother !

" FOLLOW YOUR BLISS " Yesterday I met my cousin in mid-afternoon until early evening who is employed in UAE and had come to India former 35-40 days. Nevertheless, we couldn't make it up as he was occupied with his schedule & his commitments. Ultimately the meet was done yesterday with him. We even handed started, but he … Continue reading The bliss followed by brother !

Challenge yourself to take that next step!!

We do fail majorly in one point of life, accept it!! I was losing faith in people & world. Saw no point in working hard which I put in. Basically, I wanted to quit even before things started to begin. I just couldn't do anything but felt alone & lost. I took steps in all … Continue reading Challenge yourself to take that next step!!

Every situation is a test !

  Let’s be real! We are a speedy generation, living in a fast paced world. We drink our express coffee and eat our instant oats while we shout at the traffic lights because it takes longer than 60 seconds to change. The nature in all humans is to acquire things quickly without the growth and … Continue reading Every situation is a test !

Degree of Disability

Firstly, who are the less fortunate? The less fortunate are those who do not have the ability to feed themselves. e.g, the handicapped and disabled. Society is made up of a group of human beings living together. Human are social creatures and we cannot live as individuals. We ought to care for one another in … Continue reading Degree of Disability

Righteousness Bestow

The right quality of being morally justifiable   IT TAKES COURAGE TO GROW UP AND BECOME WHO YOU REALLY ARE Have you ever had a clear sign of who you really are, and then totally ignored it? Maybe it requires too much change, or taking a big risk. Maybe you were scared to convince self, how … Continue reading Righteousness Bestow