WHEN I is grateful to YOU..!

  This letter is from I to YOU! The YOU who is incredible. The YOU that makes worl This letter is from I to YOU! The YOU who is incredible. The YOU that makes world little bit more aesthetic. The YOU who has been a great amount of support and contributing immensely to the today's … Continue reading WHEN I is grateful to YOU..!

Eyes 👀 of twilight! ☔️️

Eyes of twilight! ️️ It’s funny   that’s what it is. Funny that a young man thinking about prospects almost in midnight . And it’s funny how a random action can trigger a random, totally un-syncing memory. It always lodged in my brain! Well, we’ll never find out, because it's amalgam of gesture. I met … Continue reading Eyes 👀 of twilight! ☔️️

The Eyes Reveal The Soul

There is nothing like kind eyes those eyes you can look into and see they are connected to a caring heart. I always notice they look just a bit tired from the wear and tear of life and heart break, Behind it is a little glimmer of hope a light It's unmistakable.. I search for … Continue reading The Eyes Reveal The Soul


Theli maanam mazhavillin niramaniyum neram, niramarnnoru kanavennil theliyunna pole, When the hues of rainbow colours the clear skies Is the moment, my dream too breaks to wake up into the dawn. puzhayoram thazhukunnee thanu neeran kaatum, pulakangal izha neythoru kuzhaloothiya pole The cool breeze touching from the stream Is like all the perfect happiness woven … Continue reading MALARE-FLOWER THY NAME

Love is a heavenly introduction

Falling in love is sum of important objects, because no one rises in adoration or climbs in feeling. You fall in love, because something of you has been taken off. If not the intact of you, at least a branch of you should disintegrate. Only then there is a fond of situation. You are willing … Continue reading Love is a heavenly introduction


You are the sweet sunshine of my life. You are my girl dressed in Periwinkle color like beauteous bride with charming looks & classy rank. You are absolute delight who moves with elegant style in saintly divine manner. You quicken my heart by breathing lavishly. You dazzle around with your dazzling beauty showing admirable affection … Continue reading Periwinkle

I’m touched by your invisibility

We have all been there -  at that light, at that cross, on that corner. It doesn’t matter what the sign says. Suddenly, the dashboard & glass needs dusting. Music stations need changing. Face needs liking. Anything to make eye contact with the person behind it. It is uncomfortable and sometimes, it’s just easier to … Continue reading I’m touched by your invisibility